Résidence d'artistes
Château Mercier, Sierre, Valais, Suisse
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Residents in 2018

- Lisa Christ (CH), poetry-slam, collaboration with Schloss Waldegg, January-April

- Sunnette Viljoen (South Africa), visual arts, January-March

- Lisa Lurati (CH), visual arts, in the framewarok of the project VIA-VAI, March-May

- Abdellah Taïa (Morocco), writer, February

- M’hammed Kilito (Morocco), photographer, collaboration with SMARt, March-June

- Walid Taher (Egypt), painting-illustration, March-May

- Louis Frehring (France), visual arts, June-August

- Julia Anna Pallanch (Austria), musician, July-August

- Nedim Gürsel (Turkey), writer, July-August

- Julie Iromuanya (USA-Nigeria), writer, July

- Alexandre Pateau (France), translator, collaboration with the Rilke Foundation

- Sam Ingraffia, scénariste, USA, collaboration avec DreamAgo