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Château Mercier, Sierre, Valais, Suisse
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of the artists residence
Villa Ruffieux

The Villa Ruffieux was built in Sierre (Valais, Switzerland) in 1902 and is part of the Château Mercier estate. In 2011, the Villa Ruffieux was turned into an artists’ residence in close collaboration with the Canton of Valais and the city of Sierre.

The entire property of around four hectares, including the château, the grounds and the outbuildings, was donated to the State of Valais by the Mercier family in 1991.

Since 1992 the State of Valais has entrusted its management to a foundation of the same name.

The Villa Ruffieux has a public purpose in line with the other activities provided by the foundation; the aim is to turn the Château into a cultural centre and meeting place.

The residence therefore fits in with Château Mercier’s general development project and aims to raise its profile.  It consolidates its presence at the heart of the European Network of Cultural Centres.

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